Youth Department

Ages 17 and Under


1st Vice President: Alexis Henry ~ DC 

Second Vice President: Tress Jacobs ~ FL
Third Vice President: Craig Wrenn ~ NJ
Secretary: Nyla Jacobs ~ FL 
Assistant Secretary: Mikayla Meekins ~ VA 
Chaplin: Jordon Williams ~ VA
Assistant Chaplin: Tosalyn Ware ~ DE

My name is Paul C. Jones and I am extremely blessed to be serving as the Young AdultPresident of the National Baptist Deacons’ Convention. I’m from Trenton, NJ where I am a member of New Salem Baptist Church under the spiritual direction of Rev. Ernest D. Wormley Jr. I am 22 years of age and have had the pleasure of serving as President for 3 years, in which God has called me to be a leader in his vineyard. New Salem Baptist Church has taught me many life lessons and spiritual values. I served in the Young Adult choir, Praise and Worship Team, and in many different capacities. The National Baptist Deacons’ Convention is a national organization that brings together God’s people to fellowship with one another from places near and far. Together, we give back to the community through our community service efforts, we also have our own communion service to teach the Youth and Young Adults about the sacrifice that our Father gave us. Being a part of such a great organization is a blessing. I’ve had the pleasure of obtaining knowledge from individuals who are not just older than you, but individuals who’s the same age. I find this to be a tremendous blessing. NBDC has the opportunity to travel around the country, town to town to spread our ministry to a different city every year. We laugh and cry together but most important we enjoy Praising the Lord together. If you’re looking for a group of God’s children to fellowship and praise his name with, The National Baptist Deacons’ Convention of America, INC is just that! May God continue to bless you, with open arms welcome to the National Baptist Deacons’ Convention.

God Bless,
Paul C. Jones

National Baptist Deacons’ Convention
Young Adult President
Philippians 4:13


My name is Imani Johnson-Young and I have been blessed with the charge of being the Youth President of the National Baptist Deacons' Convention. I come from the wonderful Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newark, NJ where Pastor, Reverend Kenneth Young Sr. is my shepherd. Although I am only 15 years old, I strongly believe that I have a calling over my life to be a great leader, but one of the strongest qualities of being a leader, in my opinion, is to be a good servant. In my church, I serve in the youth choir, praise dance ministry, youth ministry and volunteer with the women's ministry. The National Baptist Deacons' Convention provides a national community where people that believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior can come together to worship and fellowship together. I have been a part of this organization for almost a decade and I have had the opportunity to make friends from all over. Together, we participate in community service events, state to state competitions, and major field trips. Being a part of this organization is truly worth the relationships you build, the knowledge of the Word you gain as well as the experience you get from traveling to different parts of the country. If you're looking for a group of people to laugh and grow with as well as worship God and fellowship with, welcome to the National Baptist Deacons' Convention!

Sincerely ,

Imani Johnson-Young ,

National Baptist Deacons' Convention

Youth President Psalm 16:8

1st Vice President: Joleeta Williams ~ VA 
2nd Vice President: Selassiei Harris ~ DE 
3rd Vice President: Theron James ~FL
Secretary: Kryastal Yeadon ~ SC 
Assistant Secretary: Curtis McInnis ~ DC 
Chaplin: Devon Wheeler ~ NJ 

Assistant Chaplin: Jordan Hudson ~PA
Assistant Chaplin: Camry Livingston ~ DE

Treasurer: Kevin Epps ~ VA 

Sister Imani Johnson-Young

President of the Youth Department

Founded 1934

Brother Paul C. Jones

President of the Young Adult Department


2013 Youth and Young Adult Choir in Cleveland, Ohio

Young Adult Department

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